Once upon a time, back in 2014, 2 teachers implemented a tiny dream in their hearts and called it The Literacy Camp (which has now grown into one of the BEST virtual camps for kids you could dream of!). They poured their hearts and souls into creating a space for children to learn to LOVE reading and writing. With educational backgrounds, they studied quickly to become entrepreneurs with a mission to serve families well.

And as The Literacy Camp dream grew year after year, The Literacy Camp family grew as well, with the formation of Team Literacy Camp and over 500 children attending this unique summer camp experience. We are so excited that this story is still being written…

The Literacy Camp Dream – Now Among the BEST Virtual Camps for Kids

Watching this Literacy Camp dream unfold, and seeing firsthand the impact on so many children and families, gives us all the warm and fuzzy feelings. We truly believe it’s magical. We founded it because we wanted to create a summer camp for reading where kiddos who LOVED to read, write, and learn had a special place to thrive during school breaks. MANY homeschool families LOVE using The Literacy Camp as a fun, enrichment week that the mamas don’t have to plan!

Additionally, we wanted to provide working families with a solution for school breaks that would encourage even the most reluctant of readers. We are confident that we’ll get your kids loving to learn in no time!

And because we believe that helping nurture a love for learning with kids early will make the biggest, long-lasting impact, for the past 7 years, we’ve provided programming for incoming 1st-3rd graders. And The Literacy Camp is now among the growing number of virtual camps for kids. We could not be more excited!

Why Virtual Camps for Kids?


Parents everywhere have adapted as families grow and the world changes. And as virtual camps for kids have started popping up, you might be wondering why. Maybe you’re working from home while juggling children learning during the school year or simply have them home on school breaks. Maybe you’ve got children who are shy and you’re thinking this might be an easy step for them to connect with others.

Or you might simply be looking for something for those kids to do over school breaks but love having them home for a little extra family time too.

We’ve been hearing families ask us to expand The Literacy Camp to new areas for years – as we’ve had sweet families driving over an hour to experience it in person. Moms and dads everywhere are tired and busy, but they love their kiddos well. We see you. So we want to step in and help take a little weight off your shoulders.

How Was This Virtual Summer Camp Designed?

First of all, virtual summer camp?! Yes please!

We want to help parents like you who want an easy-to-implement program for your child during school breaks. One that encourages and inspires a LOVE for learning (even if they haven’t had that before). Something that will keep them busy and learning. One that brings some peace and calm to your home so you can get some work done. 

Because keeping children’s engagement and ease of implementation has been front of mind, these virtual camps for kids largely require items you already have in your home and a Wi-Fi connection.

Without an overabundance of links to go to or places to login, we’ll provide parents like you with an easy-to-follow, flexible daily structure to keep your kids busy and learning during their school break. We’ll do all the planning and bring ALL the fun – so you don’t have to!

So, Who Is This Virtual Summer Reading Program For?

Maybe you’re one of our beloved Literacy Camp families who has sent your kids to our summer reading camp over the past 7 years and you’re missing The Literacy Camp in-person experience.

Or maybe you’re one of the million working families this year juggling EVERYTHING. Schooling your children, working from home, cooking the meals, cleaning the house, Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting as you balance it all.

And now as school breaks approach, you need to keep those kiddos busy so you can keep your job. But you also want your adorable little kiddos to HAVE FUN over break … and keep learning while having fun?! That sounds like a pretty great bonus!


Well, we’ve got your back. The Virtual Literacy Camp is one of the BEST virtual camps for kids because it’s here to encourage and inspire your children to LOVE learning in a FUN way. So we’ll keep ’‘em busy and you keep working. Win-win.

Our Virtual Summer Camps Might Be a Great Fit for Your Family If…

  • You’re a working family that needs something for your children to do during school breaks.
  • Your child doesn’t love to read and write – maybe school isn’t their favorite. We’d like to help change that. It’s kind of our thing. 🙂
  • Your child LOVES learning. This will be their special space. They’ll flourish here.
  • You’d like your child to engage in reading, writing, playing, art projects, and more. It’s virtual school – but SUPER FUN!
  • You want something really easy to follow – you don’t have time to learn how to login to a bunch of separate programs & save a bunch of different links. You want EASY!
  • You’d like a flexible daily schedule all planned out & ready for your child. Something you can follow exactly or pick & choose from. Something that WORKS FOR YOU. 
  • You believe that the more children we get reading, writing & learning in a fun, meaningful way,  the better our world will be. You want your child to be a part of that. To LOVE learning.


We’ll keep them busy & learning, parents. So you can get some work done. Or smile like this mama & drink your coffee in peace. Rest easy knowing the kiddos are learning & having FUN!

What Activities & Components Will Be Included in These Virtual Camps for Kids?

Virtual Summer Literacy Camp includes all of the elements listed below. Your kids will LOVE it!

Virtual summer camp programming will include all pre-recorded lessons. This makes it easy for you to follow our given schedule or make it work for you!


It includes video reading and writing lessons & so much more!

Here’s a sneak peak of what is to come for Summer Virtual Literacy Camp…

Easy-to-Follow Flexible Daily Schedule

Engaging and Fun Video Writing Lesson

Engaging and Fun Video Reading Lesson

AND … Engaging & Fun Step-by-Step Video Arts & Craft Lesson – Literacy Related, with an Easy & Short Supply List Provided Ahead of Time

Lunch and Snack Ideas and Optional Activities

Movement Break Activity

Optional Follow-Up Independent Learning Activities & Printable Activities

1 Beautifully Organized Webpage with Easy-to-Click Links

An Exciting Certificate of Completion for Your Proud Child to Display

Virtual Literacy Campers will have access to an easy-to-follow flexible daily schedule – filled with fun learning videos, movement activities, and independent FUN work that will keep them busy and learning.

Optional printable materials, follow-up activities, lunch and snack menus, and more will also be provided to support parents! Even parents who thought they’d never be interested in virtual camps for kids will find this helpful and designed to serve families EVERYWHERE well.

A Summer Virtual Camp Your Kids Will LOVE

We’ll get the MOVING & CREATING! This is not just sitting in front of a screen. This is the magic of The Literacy Camp – but VIRTUAL.

We want to encourage and support you on your journey to help your children LOVE reading and writing. We all know that when parents and educators work together, our kiddos thrive.

By increasing the amount of educational opportunities for our kids, we’re able to give them a sense of confidence as learners that will serve them well in classrooms for years to come. And let’s face it, when a summer virtual camp can entertain your kids for a bit, you might just get to read a book in peace. A mom can dream, right? 

So, grab a spot for your child in Virtual Literacy Camp!


Registration for SUMMER Virtual Literacy Camp 2021 begins April 1st! Early Bird Discount Runs through May 31st!


We’re here to help! Let’s get those kids LEARNING in virtual camps for kids – The Literacy Camp is one that you won’t want them to miss! 

Happy Reading!