Summer Vacation Homework for Kids That Is FUN!

Are you worried about summer learning loss? Wanting the kids to do some “homework” during the summer but also thinking our kids deserve a break in the summertime?! Some legit FUN?! Us too! 

summer vacation homework

So we’re ALL about the crazy fun we can create with FREE activities like epic fort building. You guys…my (Katie here) brother built my kids a fort with an actual SLIDE the other day! And the Coolest Uncle Award goes to…

We’re also here for the kind of exciting and relatively cheap fun that can come from things like these sweet water balloons! 

Okay, fine, these teachers had our kids smashing sight words on the sidewalk with water balloons to create learning. Talk about FUN summer vacation homework! 

Don’t worry, we also let them throw them at each other, us, and the house just for no reason too! 

Anyway, if you’re trying to balance ALL the fun and ALL the learning…making sure your kids get the break they deserve while also providing them with learning like FUN summer vacation homework so that you and your kids feel confident about their skills…we’re here for ya!



Okay, okay, you knew we were going to say that one – but TRULY. It will make the BIGGEST impact! 

  • Read to them!
  • Let them read to you! 
  • Tell them to read to the dog or neighbor or pile of stuffed animals! 
  • Let them Facetime Grandma to read ALL. THE. BOOKS.
  • Build them a sweet fort so they can read independently inside.
  • Watch reading videos together.

You get the idea. Make sure reading is a part of the daily summer routine in whatever way is easiest for you. 


#2 Write DAILY in fun, authentic ways!

We know daily sounds like a lot! But again, think easy here. Throw a scrap paper on the table every morning and have your kid write ANYTHING while they wait for you to pour the cereal. A joke of the day. A wish for the day. Their name. ANYTHING. But pencil in hand – every day. 

For TONS of great ideas for authentic writing opportunities for your kiddos – be sure to check this post out HERE.

#3 Make Time Each Week to Encourage Them to be Creative!

Because summer vacation homework doesn’t have to feel like homework. In fact, wouldn’t it just be great if most homework didn’t feel like homework? Let’s get the kids CREATING in the summertime – and trust us, this is learning too!

Summer Vacation Homework Activities That Encourage Creativity!

  • Sidewalk chalk – plan something out like a letter matchup, or don’t! Just let them be creative!

#4 Follow Your Child’s Learning Interests

If you’re able to – plan out some family field trips to your local zoo, farm, butterfly house, garden, aquarium, etc. Pick things and places of high interest to your child AND try to expose them to things that are new! 

OR…keep it FREE and flexible and try out a VIRTUAL Field Trip!  You would not believe the endless number of options for this. We’re amazed every time we look! NASA interest? There’s a virtual field trip for that! Kid loves pickles? Yup – there’s a virtual field trip for that! Yes, seriously! 

Anyway, the idea here is to get them learning more about topics they are actually interested in. THIS is when learning becomes really impactful. THIS is when summer vacation homework doesn’t feel like homework and keeps them learning without even realizing they are learning!

Summer Vacation Homework for Grade 1 and Beyond!

Guess what, friend? All of those things that create FUN summer learning (reading, writing, creativity, and CHOICE) follow the exact model of what we do at The Literacy Camp! 

We don’t want parents to have to choose between fun summer camps or summer school learning for their kids anymore. Because it is possible to do both at once! 

We also don’t want parents to have to choose between sending kids to AMAZING SUMMER LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES like The Literacy Camp OR saving the learning for home. With The Literacy Camp at Home Experience, we also believe BOTH are possible! 

Spots are still available for The Literacy Camp at Home Experience…too many fun learning videos and activities to count! And we’ll help you check off ALL 4 of those Summer Vacation Homework Ideas by doing the work for you!  And your kids WILL NOT think it feels like homework! Available HERE. 

Okay, now run to your Amazon app to check out those water balloons if you haven’t already. 

And be the cool mom who lets them throw one at you too!

And before you go…

Here’s our Quick Summer Vacation Homework Guide for Parents:

  1. Sign up for The Literacy Camp at Home Experience to give those kids FUN learning videos to keep them busy & learning while you start Amazon Priming water balloons & school supplies! 
  1. Join our FREE Parent Facebook Group: The Literacy Ladies for Parents of Elementary Kids! It’s an amazing, growing group of parents & educators sharing ideas to help kids learn – completely FREE advice with a fun group of people! All are welcome! You’ll be sure to find great summer vacation homework ideas there! 
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  1. Start putting the kids to bed early & pour yourself a lemonade & catch the recap of these 4 Ways to Help Your Child Keep Learning This Summer HERE! Or send that to your friend who you know would love the tips but won’t read to the bottom of a blog post! 🙂

Now go grab a spot in Virtual Literacy Camp while they are still available! 

Happy Reading! 

summer vacation homework
summer vacation homework

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