Looking for a Summer Reading List for Elementary Students in Your House?!

Summer is quickly approaching, and we know some mamas will have houses filled with kiddos who are looking for a summer reading list for elementary students that will keep them reading! Well, Mamas? We’ve got you covered! 

Whether those kiddos will be filling your homes all day long this summer (we see you, Teacher Moms!) or plopping down at your tables after a day at summer camp, Grandma’s house, or maybe Vacation Bible School…we’ve got a list of books to help you out! 


This summer reading list for elementary students will make life easy as you already have a list to throw in that Amazon cart or head off to the library with! We like to make life reeeeeally easy, Mamas. So we put in an online library order each week (or whenever we remember!) so all we have to do is drive up and pick those books up – fast and free!

And we want to take one step out of the equation for you. No need to research which books to be sure to read to your kids – we’ve done it for you. Here you go!

Summer Reading List Elementary School Kids AND Parents LOVE

When we put this summer reading list together, we focused on books we know KIDS love. Because if the kids aren’t smiling when reading independently or with you…what’s the point?

We want kids LOVING the books in their hands this summer and continually learning that reading is FUN! We also picked books that will entertain across many age ranges. So whatever age elementary age kiddos you’ve got in your house…we’ve got your back.

Additionally, as mamas, we want to grab books that we know WE will love too! Books filled with beautiful language that will expand our children’s vocabulary. And books that will make us smile too while teaching our kids a lesson or inspiring us all to get outside.

So here is a summer reading list elementary school kids AND parents will LOVE. We’re sure of it. Just click the titles to add them to your Amazon cart or throw them on your library list. This is going to be fun!

Our Elementary Summer Reading List FAVORITES

Summer Reading List Favs to Inspire You to Get OUTSIDE!

We Are the Gardeners

Who isn’t swooning over this Joanna Gaines speciality?! And what a great way to get the kids excited about helping start a garden outside! Or if you’re like us, maybe a planter with a few herbs because a whole garden sounds like waaaaay too much work! 


Tops and Bottoms

This book is an adorable fable about a bear who learns all about honesty and hard work. A great book to get your kids smiling but also inspire GREAT conversations around these life lessons as well! And if you’re one of those super mamas with a garden outside – this one is super great for that too!!

And Then Comes Summer

This one is simply adorable. Run to grab it, friends. Run! 

Hello Ocean

We’ve loved reading this book to our kiddos in our classrooms and homes for years. The language is really special, and it would be the perfect summer book for a beach trip or even a rainy day where you pretend to visit the ocean in your living room.


Do you remember collecting jars of fireflies in the summer when you were a child? We sure do. What a magical memory we can now make with our own kids. And this book is the perfect companion to inspire that summer activity.

Summer Reading List for Elementary Students to Make Kids SMILE!

These books will get the kiddos (and YOU!) smiling and laughing! 

Dragons Love Tacos

This one became a little series it is so well loved by kiddos everywhere! You’ll be planning a taco party in no time after this REALLY FUN picture book! Taco Tuesday, anyone? Dragons invited?

Mother Bruce

This little Mother Goose twist introduces a bear who has unwillingly become the “mama” to several little chicks who have chosen to follow him around everywhere. It is simply hilarious, and you and your child will be rolling with laughter. And this loveable character has made his way into a few more books by this author too! 

The Bear Ate Your Sandwich

Or at least we think he did? Maybe it was the wind? No, certainly it was a bear! It definitely wasn’t me!! … That’s the perspective of the storyteller of this adorable book (an unsuspecting doggie!). 

This one is filled with great detail, vocabulary, pictures, and moments that are perfect for retelling and making predictions! It will likely become a fast favorite in your home!

Elementary Summer Reading List Books to Inspire Fun Summer Activities

Blueberries for Sal

This classic has been a favorite of Krista’s for YEARS. And if you’re thinking about a blueberry picking adventure this summer – read this book first! And hopefully there won’t be any silly mama bears on your blueberry picking adventure. 


Come on, Rain!

If you don’t already have this book on hand for a hot, rainy summer day, you’re going to want to grab it FAST. It is simply one of the most beautiful books we’ve read. The poetry is delightful, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from having a fun, rainy dance party the next time the rain clouds roll in! 

Jabari Jumps

Getting ready for a pool day this summer? This adorable story helps give us some courage as we are inspired by Jabari’s ability to conquer his fear and jump off the diving board! This one is a fun summer read that will have kids smiling and learning from a wonderful role model in Jabari. 

My Awesome Summer

So, so cute! Get this one in your children’s hands this summer for sure!

And a Few More the Parents Will LOVE too! Great Vocabulary Builders with Beautiful Language!

The Paperboy

We’ve been using this favorite to teach writing for YEARS. It’s the perfect model for a personal narrative told in sequential order. The boy in the story is lovable. The story is great for retelling. It’s one you’ll want to read again and again. 


Night in the Country

Whether you’re planning to have an actual night in the country this summer or just want to take a trip there through the pages of a book – this beautifully written story is great for kids of all ages! 

The Relatives Came

We LOVE the pages of this book. They make us long for childhood summer days with large family gatherings with those from near and far. 

The language of the book will make you feel like you are right inside the pages alongside this family, and you’ll be wanting to plan a family reunion as soon as you reach the end. This book makes kids and parents alike smile big!

Grab Your Summer Reading List for Elementary Students in Your House and Get Reading!

Ready to get reading? Here are our favorite tips for using this elementary summer reading list in your house! 

  1. Order them from Amazon, or keep the list handy for a weekly library order (or you know…whenever you remember!).
  2. Keep a basket in your house labeled “library” or “summer reading”! We love using chalk labels like these because when you want to change that label to something else – go right ahead! 
  3. Throw a book in your beach bag or park backpack whenever you head out. Reading outside in the summer is THE BEST! 
  4. Make it a routine to read before bed EVERY NIGHT. We usually have a 2 book rule (one kid pick and one parent pick). It keeps us in a routine, allows for us to sneak new books in, lets the kids get excited about choosing, AND gets us to bed on time (ish). 
  5. Make it FUN and throw together an easy reading incentive if you need help getting your child motivated. Every 5 books you read together means an extra cookie for dessert. Every 20 books read means a trip to the bookstore to pick out a new one! Whatever works for your child. We are not above bribing as long as the end result is kids reading and LOVING BOOKS!

Looking for More Actionable Tips to Keep Those Kiddos Busy Along with This Summer Reading List for Elementary Students?

We hope you add those books to your Amazon carts, throw them in your next library pickup order, and read your hearts out this summer. We also hope you send us all kinds of new book ideas that we should check out too – that your family LOVES (DM us on Insta here)…


In the meantime, we’d love to continue to serve you and your families, encourage you as your children learn and play this summer, and give you resources to help keep your kids busy and learning in a meaningful way – so you can have a few things off your plate, Mama! 

We want to help make teaching your child EASIER so you can take a sigh of relief and work a little less hard in this category. We’re here to support you.

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Job Well Done, Mama. Job Well Done.

We hope you LOVE that summer reading list for elementary students and can’t wait to hear which ones are your favorite! 

We know the summers with kids are filled with fun but also exhausting. It’s a LOT to entertain all the tiny people all day long! 

But when we slip learning fun (and BOOKS) into summer days without too much stress, we can give ourselves a high-five! Or the mama next door who is also chasing kids with bubble wands, carrot sticks, and sidewalk chalk all day. 

You did it. Maybe you didn’t do it perfectly. None of us do.

But this summer, let’s simply read to them and love them well. That we can do. And let’s do it together. 

Now go enjoy those summer reading lists and the read aloud time you squeeze in under a tree in the breeze! 

And don’t forget to sign your child up for Virtual Literacy Camp, Mama! We’ll plan out all the fun for you and get those kids excited about learning in a whole new way!

We’re praying for you and cheering you on! 


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