Looking for a Summer Reading List for 1st Grade?

When summer is right around the corner, there are mamas all over the world who have started Googling “summer reading list 1st grade”! Or “summer reading list 1st to 2nd grade” or fill in whatever blank works best for you! 🙂 If that is how you landed here, we’re SO happy to be able to complete your Google search, Mama. 

Because we don’t know about you, but the season leading up to summer when everyone is trying to wrap up all the end of the school year things is…well, exhausting. Where are the other tired mamas at?!

Yeah, we see you. So we’d like to help you out with that summer reading list for 1st grade that you’ve been looking for!

Summer Reading List 1st Grade Favorites to Save the Day!

First of all, can I (Katie here) tell you a story about the ridiculous thing that happened at my house at 4 am recently? It relates – I promise! 


One day this past spring at my house, we were woken up EXTRA early by the lovely (and LOUD) chirp of a smoke detector needing a new battery. And as we hopped out of bed to find and fix it, we found ourselves sleepily moving from one to the next – trying to find the one that needed our attention – all while the intermittent chirping continued. Sounds super fun at 4 am, right?!

As mamas, how many times do we find ourselves trying to search for answers to ALL the things, exhausted by juggling ALL the things, and then just more exhausted at the end of the search? Again, we see you. We know. 

So we’re here to help. We’d love to take a few things off your plate. 🙌

So this summer, when you’ve got kiddos to read to and entertain…we don’t want you to have to search for books.

We’ve found all the books for your summer reading lists for you!​ Grab this list and RUN!

Summer Reading Book List for 1st Grade

As former 1st grade teachers and reading specialists and current mamas and Literacy Camp founderswe’re sharing ALL OUR FAVORITE PICTURE BOOKS WITH YOU FOR YOUR SUMMER READING LISTS FOR KIDS! 

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Grab these summer reading list book list recommendations to add to your child’s summer reading lists, to buy for your bookshelves and birthday gifts, or to throw in your library order!

Here we go!

Summer Reading List 1st to 2nd Grade

Summer Reading List 1st Grade Favorites for Getting Ready for School

Ira Crumb Makes a Pretty Good Friend

Whether they are entering a new school or not, our kiddos are faced with the opportunities to make new friends often. This story will get you and your kids smiling!

Jabari Tries

You might remember Jabari from another one of our favorite book lists. This character has made his way into a handful of books and always encourages young readers to be the best they can be. 

The Name Jar

This is a favorite among teachers everywhere, as it helps spark discussions about appreciating the differences in each of us. It also encourages children to celebrate who they are and the unique person they were created to be. Each name is special, and you and your child will love this one before they head back to school to meet new friends each year.

The Invisible String

Your heart will melt, Parents. It will. This is a must read before sending the kiddos off to school.

Library Mouse

This sweet and FUN story has been a favorite of ours for YEARS! If you have a kiddo who is reluctant about writing (or school or learning in general) this is the perfect book to give them a spark of inspiration. The little mouse in this story will have your kids wanting to write in no time!

Books You’ll Love That Will Also Help Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary

Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons

This is a Krista favorite, and her kiddos have LOVED this one for years as well. This author has a unique talent for teaching great new vocabulary words in a way that doesn’t even feel like you are learning new things. It’s simply a lovely story, and your kiddos will be using great new vocabulary in no time!


You Belong Here

This sweet, sweet book will become a family favorite for sure. Using beautiful illustrations of animals in this story, the author helps us learn that we are right where we are supposed to be and loved oh so very much!

GREAT Books to Read Outside This Summer to Your 1st Grader!

Everything You Need for a Treehouse

Well, because it’s everything they will need for a treehouse. 🙂 This book is summer fun at its finest. 

The Berenstain Bears Go on Vacation

Who doesn’t love this adorable bear family that we’ve been reading about our whole lives? And if you’re planning a summer vacation, this is the perfect book to check out from the library and bring along! 

The Seashore Book

Such beautiful language in this book and a GREAT one to throw in your beach bag to read to the kids this summer!

A Perfect Day

A perfect, SUMMER day! This one would be a fun jumping off point to read with kids at the beginning of summer and ask them to imagine their own perfect summer day! Maybe you even want to write a summer bucket list together after reading a great story like this! 


Read this together and then plan a summer night on a blanket outside under the stars as a family! Oh so fun!

More SUPER Fun 1st Grade Appropriate Summer Stories to Check Out!

But the Bear Came Back

When putting together a summer reading list for 1st grade kiddos, it’s important to choose some books that will simply make your kids smile. If we get kids LOVING reading and books over the summer – we have DONE WELL, Mamas! School will be SO MUCH more successful in the fall if our kids first LOVE learning! This book is a fun one to help you do that!

Looking for More Actionable Tips to Keep Those Kiddos Busy Along with Your Summer Reading List for 1st Grade and Beyond?

We hope you add those books to your Amazon carts, throw them in your next library pickup order, and read your hearts out this summer. We also hope you send us all kinds of new book ideas that we should check out too – that your family LOVES (DM us on Insta here)…


In the meantime, we love to continue to serve you and your families, encourage you as your children learn and play this summer, and give you resources to help keep your kids busy and learning in a meaningful way – so you can have a few things off your plate, Mama! 

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K-5 Summer Learning That Is EASY to Implement

Additionally, Virtual Literacy Camp has children’s engagement and ease of implementation front of mind. 

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Summer Reading List for Incoming 1st Graders

We hope you LOVE that summer reading list 1st grade parents have asked us for over the years! We can’t wait to hear which ones are our favorite! 

If you want to check out our Kindergarten summer reading list too, you can find that HERE!

Now go enjoy those summer reading lists and the read aloud time you squeeze in on your summer vacation or simply before bedtime each night, Mama! You’re doing awesome!

And don’t forget to sign your child up for Virtual Literacy Camp! All of your kiddos K-5 can participate and will LOVE it! We’ll plan out all the fun for you and get those kids excited about learning in a whole new way!

We’re praying for you & cheering you on! 

Happy Reading.


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