Why learning shows for kids? Well … we all know what it’s like in those moments when we are trying to do too many things. 

We’ve got one kid doing homework at the kitchen table and mac and cheese bubbling on the stovetop. Another kiddo is throwing a bouncy ball through the living room and the baby is tugging at our knees. 

Maybe the learning shows for kids you’ve put on in the background are just not holding their attention and you’re wishing everyone would calm down – just for a few peaceful moments. 

We see you, Mama. Life can be so full of goodness and yet … we still wish we had more hours in the day or more hands to accomplish all the tasks set before us. 


We’re certainly not perfect. But along the way, we’ve gathered mountains of ideas for ways you can help balance it all – specifically as you help those kids learn to LOVE learning.

Learning Shows for Kids You’ve Been Looking For!

So when your hands are full, sometimes a great learning show for the kiddos can be just what you need. And if you’re like us, you don’t want the kids watching just any silly show on television.

We live in a world with technology that can sometimes step in to help us out when we have “those days!” But, if they are having some screen time, make it learning time too! 

It helps to think about the best learning shows for kids ahead of time, rather than searching for something you’ll allow them to watch at the last second or in a stressful moment when you are trying to do too much. So, Mamas…equip those devices! Take a few minutes right now to download the apps and find the kid learning shows and movies that are teacher, mama, and kid approved! We’ll help!


Kid Learning Shows We Recommend: Teacher and Mama Approved!

First of all, we know all parents have different philosophies and there are unique things important to every family. Here’s how and why we chose the kids learning shows that we’ve listed for you here … They all…

  • Are family friendly and appropriate.
  • Match up well with our family values.
  • Have educational value. 
  • Are LOVED by the kids! And…
  • We don’t cringe when they are on – we might even be smiling while our little ones are watching these learning shows for kids while we stir that mac and cheese or quickly change the laundry. 

We’re excited to share with you our favorites list for kids learning shows, movies, and apps that your kiddos can watch when you need them to. And we’d love to hear what learning shows for kids are on repeat at your house! Here we go!

The Literacy Ladies Favs – Learning Shows for Kids


Kids Learning Shows in Apps – EASY & QUICK to Download TODAY

  • Khan Academy
    • Totally FREE & can be matched with any age! Please check this one out!! It’s an app filled with interactive games but also has short stories and learning videos that kiddos can watch!
  • The Bible App
    • It’s amazing and we love it! Bible stories, interactive, games & challenges! The kids love it and so do we! 
  • PBS App
    • Watch any PBS show on demand on this app! It’s awesome!
  • PBS Games App
    • Over 100 learning games based on your child’s favorite shows!

Learning Shows on Netflix & Movies We LOVE Too!

  • Alpha Blocks
    • Perfect for teaching all kinds of phonics skills! Great short little mini episodes!
  • Llama Llama 
    • A favorite book series now available to watch! 
  • The Magic School Bus 
    • Science and literacy fun! And again – a long time favorite books series ready to watch! 
  • Phonics Farm
    • And several other LeapFrog favorites! But Phonics Farm is our favorite and teaches all the letters and sounds in a fun way! 
  • Storybots
    • SO FUN! And SO many things to learn from these curious characters!
  • Word Party
    • Great vocabulary fun for the littles!

Looking for More Actionable Ways to Keep Kiddos Learning in Addition to Great Kids Learning Shows?

We want to serve you and your families, encourage you as your children learn at home or school, and give you resources to help keep your kids busy and learning in a meaningful way – maybe even while you work or get the dishes done! 

These lists of learning shows for kids were simply the beginning! You can print our one page checklist of these learning shows, movies, and apps for kids easily and for FREE in our FREE PARENT GUIDE. Then you’ll also get 8 more pages of EASY & TANGIBLE ways to support your kiddos learning! 


Grab your FREE GUIDE:  9 Steps to Keep Your Kids Busy & Learning While You Work. We’re sticking with practical and tangible steps, EASY TO IMPLEMENT FOR ANY BUSY MOM. 

Grab these FREE tips and get your kids learning. Then sit down with your coffee and computer. Or rock those babies. You CAN do this, Mama. We’ve got your back.

✔ Get routines in place that work for you.

🌸 Be the rock star mom whose kids LOVE learning.

✔ See results that will make you and your kids smile about learning.

You can pick up that FREE PARENT GUIDE HERE: 

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Learning Shows for the Win!


Now don’t get us wrong – we LOVE when kids are authentically learning, reading REAL books, writing stories, and creating art! And we’re also cheering big time when the kids are playing outside, helping out around the house, or participating in family game night. 

However, sometimes a little screen time is OKAY. And it becomes way more guilt free when you can also feel like it’s educational while also knowing the kids actually enjoy watching it. Learning shows for the win. 

Now quick – go grab your FREE GUIDE, Mama, and print that list of shows and movies we just talked about. Mama and teacher approved and ready to be a part of your village when you wished you had more time or more hands! You’ve got this! 

We’re praying for you & cheering you on! 

Happy Reading.


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