Ideas for Summer Learning

We’ve got IDEAS FOR SUMMER LEARNING to help YOU help your kids!! SIMPLE TRICKS that we can’t wait to share!! 

But, first of all, since you are likely reading this in the summer…we just want to say that we hope summer is going great for your family, and we’re so honored to have you hanging with us here for a few minutes of your precious time! We’re praying your summer has been filled with learning, fun, and family!

Both of our families started swim lessons recently, and we both happen to have 5-year-olds who didn’t want to get their faces wet. Yup. It was kind of a thing.

So can I (Katie) admit something I did to solve that issue? I told my 5-year-old I’d give him a quarter after swim lessons if he dunked his face all the way under. 

Don’t judge my parenting, okay? It was the best idea I had at the moment … AND … it totally worked, so I’m calling it a win.

It was the best idea I had at the moment … AND … it totally worked, so I’m calling it a win. 

Anyway, that’s actually not the trick we’re going to share in our quick list of ideas for summer learning! BUT…we are not above bribing those kids to learn with quarters if it works. You do you, Mama.

Summer Learning Ideas for Parents

All right, parents, maybe you are here because the kids are getting bored and need something to do. And YOU need some new ideas to keep them entertained and learning at the same time.

Or maybe you’re here because you care so much about your child’s education and that care keeps you worried about if they have had enough summer learning to be ready for success at school in the fall! 

Either way – we’ve got some quick and easy tips and tricks – IDEAS FOR SUMMER LEARNING COMING RIGHT UP!

Idea #1 Teach Them to “Read Like Writers” – Easy, We Promise!

Here’s a new way to help your child learn great new writing strategies DAILY without YOU having to really do any work! Works for any age level and EASY for everyone! 

We know what you’re thinking …Get my kids writing this summer without actually having to teach them writing? Yes, please! We’re ALWAYS here for EASY. 

So here it is…

Each night when you do bedtime stories, simply ask them to listen or read “like a writer” and to learn from what the writer is doing! 

That’s it! 

They’ll start to notice how writers use rhyming words, draw pictures to match their words, describe things, and more! Then simply encourage them to try those strategies out in their own writing sometime!


Have your kiddos watch this video where we teach them how to do this FOR YOU. We’ll explain what it means to “read like a writer,” and we’ll get them doing a FUN hands-on art project too! Yup – we’ll entertain them for free in this video – GREAT SUMMER LEARNING designed by master reading and writing teachers.


When they love that FREE video we just shared with you…here’s Tip #2 …

Go Grab a Spot for Your Child in Virtual Literacy Camp

With The Literacy Camp at Home Experience, your household will get access to engaging reading videos, writing videos, hands-on project videos, movement activities, and outdoor learning activities all planned FOR YOU. AND SO MUCH MORE! 

Seriously, next time you need to keep the kiddos busy – just throw some paper and writing utensils in front of them and let The Literacy Camp videos work their magic! (And YES – we DID just give you one of the Virtual Literacy Camp videos COMPLETELY FREE!)

That video will get them having FUN with learning in NO TIME! And that new “read like a writer” trick can live on in your house forever. 

Just imagine yourself doing that bedtime story routine and now asking, “What did you notice that author did when they wrote that story? Yes! That was so cool! You could try that in your writing sometime!” Boom. You just helped your kid with reading AND writing at the same time. And it was EASY, right? But the impact will be big – we promise!

Idea # 3 Grab These Resources and Ideas for Summer Learning to Help!

Here’s our quick checklist to help you out:

  • Grab Your Free Parent Guide with Our 9 Steps to Keep Your Kids Busy & Learning!  These are PERFECT for preparing them for going back to school and giving them SO MUCH summer learning activity fun that you don’t have to come up with, parents! Additionally, this guide will even set you up for a successful school year with tips like how to set up an at-home learning space for doing homework and which learning shows to let them watch while you cook dinner! Did we mention it’s FREE?! 
  • Start putting the kids to bed early & pour yourself a lemonade for reading on the back deck! No, seriously…make some time for you the rest of this summer too, parents! You deserve it. AND…if your kids know you are reading, that counts as a bonus summer learning activity because modeling real reading is one of the BEST things we can do for our kids!

Now go grab a spot in Virtual Literacy Camp while they are still available!

Happy Reading AND Writing!

ideas for summer learning
ideas for summer learning

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