Book Lists by Genre Families Will Want to Check Out!

Whether you are looking for a summer reading list for your K-5 kiddos or just something to have on hand all year round, we’re sharing some of our favorite book ideas for families – organized by genre!! 

  • Do you know what different kinds of genres of books you have in your home? 
  • Do you explore different kinds of books when you check out from the library?
  • Does your child gravitate to the same type of book over & over?
  • Looking for new books to read to your child? Mama & teacher approved?

We’ve got you covered, Parents! And we’ve got them grouped into categories for you to easily see what meets your family’s needs! 

Why book lists by genre? Maybe you’d like to grab more of the kinds of books you already know your kid loves! Funny kid? Funny books! Or maybe you’re looking to expand their horizons and grab some books different from what you usually read for those nightly bedtime stories! 
Either way – here are some of our ALL-TIME FAVORITE PICTURE BOOKS you will NOT want to miss!

Best Book Lists by Genre for the Kiddos in Your House!


Fiction Stories That Encourage a Love of Learning

If you know anything about the work that we do with The Literacy Camp, you know that helping kids learn to LOVE LEARNING is our jam.

Here’s why:

  • When kids LOVE to read, they spend more time reading.
  • When kids spend more time reading, they become better readers.
  • Helping children to become better readers means providing them with a better future! 
  • Now read all those same sentences & replace the word “reading” with “writing,” “learning,” etc. You get the idea! 🙂

If you can spark a LOVE OF LEARNING, Mamas, you have done the good and hard work! The learning comes next! 

But sometimes getting reluctant readers to love learning can be really hard work. And we like to let great books help us! 

These books will all inspire a love for books and learning for your kiddos, and you’ll want to grab a copy from Amazon or your local library right away!

The Best Story

Have a child who maybe loves reading but doesn’t like to write? This one may just help the most reluctant writer decide to pick up a pencil! It’s adorable and inspires little writers everywhere!

This Book of Mine

Oh, the joy of picking up a book and calling it ours. Run to grab this book for your kids. You will LOVE it.

Dog Loves Books

Silly and fun and who doesn’t love dogs and books and dogs that love books?! The kids LOVE this one!

Library Lion

Maybe you’ve heard us talk about this adorable story before. A lion enters the library and learns that he has to follow the rules. And when he doesn’t follow all the rules exactly as he should, the grown-ups in the story also learn that sometimes there are a few rules worth breaking. 🙂 

This adorable story set in a library will have your kids begging to take a trip to your local library’s storytime this summer.

A GREAT Children’s Book List by Genre Has to Include HUMOR, Right?!

If your kids book lists don’t include funny books, are they even for the kids? Let’s be real – most kids want to smile and laugh when you sit them down for storytime. And we don’t like to disappoint. So here are a few of our funny fiction favorites!


Funny Fiction Kids Books for the Children in Your Home

The Day the Crayons Quit

You likely already know this story! But did you know there is also a sequel and a few board book versions too?! 

This book will have your kids rolling with laughter, while at the same time teaching them all kinds of wonderful things about point of view, personification, and more! 

It’s a longer picture book – great for older kiddos and those who can sit a little longer. Also perfect for breaking into chunks – easy to read a page or 2 a day!

A Piglet Named Mercy

This one is sure to make you all giggle. And…maybe also want a pig for a pet. 🙂

Diary of a Spider

If you haven’t read these “Diary of a…” books, you will definitely want to check them out. Each page is set up in the format of a diary entry – and this book with the diary entries are written by a spider. 

Our kids crack up every time they read the page about  “Safety Day” at school for the spiders to learn all about the very serious danger of vacuum cleaners.

Book Lists by Genre Also Have to Include Poetry…Just Because

Here Are a Few of Our Children’s Book Poetry Favorites

Old Elm Speaks

Poetry AND nature? What is not to love?! A great one to read to your kids outside!

A Pocketful of Poems

This little treasure by Nikki Grimes is sure to be a poetry favorite!

A Leaf Can Be

In case you think you or your kids wouldn’t like a poetry book, check this one out. It’s laid out like a picture book, and you almost don’t realize you’re reading poetry. 

However, the language and pictures are simply beautiful, and your kids will be learning all about metaphor without even realizing it! It’s a must read.

Book Lists by Genre: Our Favorites to INSPIRE Young Readers

Yes, there is good in the world. Such sweet goodness. We didn’t forget. 

You and your kids won’t either when you read these stories that inspire goodness in all of us. 

We could say SO MUCH about each of them! Instead, we’ll just say this: If you only pick a few books from this list to check out – let it be these! You will be SO GLAD you did!



ThoughtFul: Discovering the Unique Gifts in Each of Us

The Giving Tree

Stick and Stone

Those Shoes

Just Ask

Salt in His Shoes

And Last but NOT LEAST for These Books Lists by Genre….NONFICTION!


Learn all about elephants with this one obviously. But also enjoy the AMAZING photographs and take the opportunity with this one to teach your kids about captions, vocabulary, indexes, and MORE!

Tell Me, Tree

This one could fill lots of reading time for young and older kiddos alike! Filled with facts and information about trees that the grown-ups probably don’t even know! Definitely a FUN way to learn about photosynthesis, chlorophyll, and so many trees you likely never even knew existed!

Did you know that Common Core actually suggests a MUCH LARGER emphasis on reading nonfiction books with kids than fiction? It’s true. We’re planning to keep adding to our nonfiction collections and having more titles ready to suggest for your next library orders soon!

Looking for More Actionable Tips as You Pile Up Books to Read to Your Kids This Summer?

We hope you add those books to your Amazon carts, throw them in your next library pickup order, and read your hearts out this summer and beyond! We also hope you send us all kinds of new book ideas that we should check out too – that your family LOVES (DM us on Insta here)…


In the meantime, we’d love to continue to serve you and your families, encourage you as your children learn and play at home, and give you resources to help keep your kids busy and learning in a meaningful way – so you can have a few things off your plate, Mama! 

If you haven’t grabbed this yet – this Free Guide, 9 Steps to Keep Your Kids Busy & Learning – for busy mamas balancing it all, will help you find not only books for your kids to read but also learning apps, shows, movies, EASY AT HOME LEARNING ACTIVITIES, and more!

It’s filled with practical and tangible steps, EASY TO IMPLEMENT FOR ANY BUSY MOM. 

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Have you heard of The Literacy Camp? We founded it many years ago, and it’s our baby (well, you know – besides all the other babies we’ve got running around our kitchens right now)…

Virtual Literacy Camp is a summer reading camp designed for parents like you who want an EASY to implement program for your child this summer!


Virtual Literacy Camp

  • encourages & inspires a LOVE for learning (even if they haven’t had that before). 
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  • will help you feel confident your child is ready for school in the fall! 

If you’re thinking your kiddos might not like a virtual camp, check out this writing lesson video. It’s one of our writing lesson videos provided with Virtual Literacy Camp – along with SO MUCH MORE AND A FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE TO USE WHENEVER YOU’D LIKE (it’s prerecorded so once you purchase you have access all summer)! 

This video gives you a sneak peek into how FUN and ENGAGING camp is for young readers and writers!

Virtual Literacy Camp Is EASY to Implement

Additionally, Virtual Literacy Camp has children’s engagement and ease of implementation front of mind. 

  • The program largely requires only items you already have in your home & a Wi-Fi connection.
  • There isn’t an overabundance of links to go to or places to login. 
  • You’ll get an easy to follow, optional daily schedule to keep your kids busy & learning during their summer break. 
  • We’ll do all the planning & bring all the fun – so you don’t have to!

Check out more information about Virtual Literacy Camp HERE, read what other parents are saying about it, and grab a spot for your family to participate today. 

Now go enjoy those book lists by genre with your kiddos and squeeze in some read aloud time under a tree in the breeze! 

And don’t forget to sign your child up for Virtual Literacy Camp, Mama! We’ll plan out all the fun for you (with amazing books we’ve hand picked like the ones above) and get those kids excited about learning in a whole new way!

We’re praying for you and cheering you on!

Happy Reading.


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