Hey there, I’m Katie.

Wife, Mama x3, Jesus follower. Teacher, reading specialist, curriculum designer & entrepreneur. I believe education is the key to a better future. And I’m passionate about using education to make a MASSIVE impact in the world.

I also REALLY like beautiful journals & flair pens, ALL. THE. COFFEE. and comfy pants & jean jackets. 

Before the days of dream chasing AND kid chasing, I walked through seasons of infertility (here’s looking at you IVF x2), overwhelm in the classroom & as a mama & simply the search for more JOY, SIMPLICITY & IMPACT. 

I LOVE sharing all the tips with educators & familes to make LIFE EASIER & to help ALL kids LOVE LEARNING & be successful in school. INSPIRING LITERACY SUCCESS through HIGH QUALITY INSTRUCTION that is FUN! 

Most days you can find me working or with my fam. You can also often catch me devouring books that inspire AUTHENTIC & ENGAGED reading, creating resources for students, teachers, educational programs & families & chasing my hilariously wild kiddos around somewhere in between. #momhustle. 

I bet you know what I’m talking about. Maybe you also…

  • Work really hard. 
  • Do all the dishes. 
  • Read all the books. 
  • Snuggle all the babies. 
  • AND try to keep up with show & tell days, spirit weeks & reading lists to keep your kids doing well in school AND loving learning at the same time.

    It’s a privilege. It’s also exhausting. Let’s be real. Parents – I see you.  

    Creating this FREE guide: 9 Steps to Keep Kids Busy & Learning has not only changed the game for me when my kiddos are at home (goodbye kids-are-restless-Mom-has-gone-crazy & hello organized-learning-supplies-peaceful-kids-and-mama), but it’s also brought me SO MUCH HAPPINESS to share it with other educators & families like yours! 

    It truly helped me get routines in place that SPARKED JOY & LEARNING in my home … I know you’ll love it too!

    I’m mostly known for co-founding The Literacy Camp – providing families with a SUPER FUN summer camp experience that engages kids in a way parents AND kids LOVE. Watching it’s growth has been something I’m incredibly proud of – especially hearing parents talk about how much their kids love reading & writing after attending camp. 

    Over 600 families have been through The Literacy Camp in mid-Michigan. It’s magical.

    Check it out HERE: The Literacy Camp SUMMER 2023! 

    Send your kiddos & consider supporting a family in need by sending their kiddos too!

    Thank you for being here. I consider the chance I have to inspire you a gift I’ll not take for granted. 

    I’m cheering you on as you implement reading & writing practices in your educational programs, classrooms & homes. Practices that help children of all ages LOVE learning & be successful. You CAN do it. And in a way that makes life easier – not more complicated. I PROMISE.

      Still here? Let’s connect! I’m grateful to have you be a part of this community – people that CARE deeply about kids & education. Let’s change the world! 

      Let's be friends.

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